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Blogging: BlogResources

Blog Search Engine-Education. This site provides a wide variety of blogs covering many topics. K-12 educators may not wish to refer students to this site but teachers can find almost anything related to educational blogs here.

Blogs. An informational site with links to student/class/teacher blogs and lists of resources.

Blogs in Education. A novice blogger attempts to explain what blogs are and how they can be used in education.

Edublog Insights. Comments on blogs and research on the use of blogs.

Educational Bloggers’ Network. Providing a more technical focus, this site contains reviews of hardware/software and links to tutorials and other design and informational sites.

Matrix of blog uses in education.

Ways to use blogs. U Think. Blogs at the University Libraries. University of Minnesota. This blog provides ideas and examples for using blogs in the higher education environment. Divergences and DMC resources are worth checking out.

Weblogg-ed - The Read/Write Web in the Classroom, maintained by Will Richardson, educational blogging pioneer, Supervisor of Instructional Technology and Communications, Hunterdon Central Regional High School, Flemington, NJ. "This site is dedicated to discussions and reflections on the use of Weblogs, wikis, RSS, and other Internet-related technologies in the K-12 classroom. Spend some time here and with any luck you'll meet a dedicated community of edubloggers and find out why we think the Read/Write Web is going to transform the way teachers teach and students learn." Must-see site!

Weblogging in schools. Site posted by experienced educational blogger with specific examples.

Writing prompts/journal topics. CanTeach. Blog writing ideas for educators.

Ethical and Style Concerns

A Blogger's Code Of Ethics by Jonathan Dube, CyberJournalist.net.

Blogging Code of Ethics by John Hiler, Microcontent News.

Weblog Ethics by Rebecca Blood in her 2002 book, the weblog handbook.

Blog Style Manual, Georgia State University Library.

Blogging Policy Examples and Sample Blogger Code Of Ethics by Charlene Li, Forrester Research.

Additional Tools

Google Toolbar for BlogThis!

From Peter Scott's Weblogs Compendium: